What about our out-of-town guys? How can you serve them best? Is your entire stock on site?

Yes we do. This is where ON SITE STOCK matters most. First, the men will go to their local tuxedo shop for complementary measurements, submit them through the website here, and when they arrive to pick up the tuxedo, it’s ready. Of course some shops aren’t as careful as as they should be, and we are able to take care of CORRECTING any mistakes in measurements that may have occurred. How? Because our stock is on site.

Stories abound where the groomsmen have arrived in town the night before the wedding and nothing fits. If all stock isn’t readily available within minutes, not days, they are out of luck. At Top Hat Tuxedo we can easily take care of any last minute need, which, in turn, gives you peace of mind knowing that everyone will look their best on your special day.

If anyone is purchasing their suit, we will ship their suit to them at least 2 weeks before the wedding, so they will have plenty of time to ensure a proper fit and have alterations done, if needed.

If complementary measurement services are not an option, groomsmen can learn how to take their own measurements here.

How far in advance should we register our wedding?

This is where Top Hat Tuxedo excels. We suggest at least three to six months in advance as the norm. However, since we carry our stock on the premises as well as at our local storage site (two minutes away, not two states away) we’re prepared to handle those last minute wedding plans. We’re also able to have your groom try on various styles before you decide. We can take care of last minute needs and adjustments because our stock is here.

Our wedding party has a mix of different sized individuals, but we want everyone to look sharp. Can you help?

Of course. Top Hat Tuxedo carries sizes from infants to men’s 70L. We also carry shorts, longs and extra longs so that your particular STYLE choice is perfectly compatible with many different body types. We also carry slim fit tuxedos, suits, and shirts for rental and purchase that have a more modern fit and appearance. Experience counts in this instance. Knowing what styles look best on various body types is very important.

What kind of quality can we expect at Top Hat Tuxedo?

We know quality counts to our customers. First off, we do not carry older polyester tuxedos and suits that feel itchy, don’t hold up to repeated cleanings, and don’t maintain the proper drape on a man’s body. All tuxedos and suits are NOT the same, and neither are all fabrics. Quality counts. Our all-season wool and microtech fabrics are light, breathable and perfect for year round use. They look and feel great because of the superior durability, and finer quality material.

We feel nothing looks worse than a cheap tuxedo or suit at a special event. That’s why we carry designers like Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Allure Formals, Ike Behar, and more. We also carry tuxedos in the finest Super 100’s and 130’s wool fabrics, as well as our new stretch fabric. And as always, Quality, Price and Service are our hallmarks.

Should the groom look like everyone else? How about vest colors? I’m not sure about coordinating everything properly.

That’s okay. We can help you. The groom usually will wear a shirt, vest and tie that coordinates with the bride and the groomsmen coordinate with the bridesmaids. If the bride’s gown is pure white, he wears white, if it is ivory he wears ivory, etc. The vests we carry are of superb quality, and because Top Hat Tuxedo is independently owned and operated, we have access to every fabric swatch from every major manufacturer in the country, including shades from the most popular gown companies. Color matching and coordinating is our specialty. You are welcome to bring in a swatch at any time to see what “experience” can do to make your entire wedding party look special!

What if I want to buy suits for my wedding party?

No problem! We offer over 50 different patterns and shades of suits for purchase, including slim fit models and vested suits. We also have many different fabric options, with prices starting as low as $199.00. With a qualified number of suits purchased, we offer the groom a free suit to keep and provide the rental items, such as shirt, tie, vest, and shoes for free.

Our extensive suit collection is higher grade than you typically find online. There are many different grades of fabric quality, design and fit, which can make the online process very frustrating. At Top Hat we offer in-house tailoring and full suit try-ons to ensure your men will look their best.

Need a tux or suit rental right away?

No problem! Simply input your measurements on our website, or feel free to stop in, and we can have it ready same day if necessary!

Can’t make it to our shop? We now offer delivery and pick up for select times and locations. See store for details.